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We have many years of positive experience with managing data centres and server hosting and many satisfied users! 

The server applications require permanent accessibility and symmetrical broadband connection to the internet. Every minute the server application is not functional could mean a decrease in income for the owner as well as users. To companies that want permanently functional applications with suitable responsiveness, we provide server hosting that is directly connected to the Perftech network infrastructure, which is connected to the internet via at least two providers. At least duplicate optic cable connections to the providers via different physical routes.

The advantages of using co-location are: 
  • smooth operation - 1 G/s connection across Slovenia, duplicate 300 Mbit/s global connection,
  • primary and replacement air conditioning devices with automatic switch in the event of a failure,
  • uninterruptible power supply that guarantees 9 hours of autonomy with the help of a generator and UPS,
  • fire protection - an alarm system and automatic extinguishing in the event of a fire,
  • double floor with already installed wiring that simplifies the connection of the server,
  • 24-hour assistance standby - every day of the year,
  • 24-hour security in front of the business building, which ensures protection against eventual physical intrusions,
  • installed active communications equipment by the manufacturer Cisco,
  • a control system that provides control over the system’s operation and event notification (via SMS, e-mail),
  • the option to create backup copies with a separately located storage,
  • the option to lease application software such as e.g. SQL database.

Virtual Co-location

What is a virtual co-location. It is capable servers with appropriate software that are divided into several separate virtual servers that are independent from one another and have custom options of attributing resources (disk capability, the share of central processor, memory size). These virtual servers can be used to install any operating system supported in the VmWare ESX server; as such they are suitable for online presentations that require reliability and data security. The online presentation runs on the server and does not depend on other online presentations that could affect security, reliability and responsiveness. 

Why recommend a virtual server?
  • It provides complete control of the server from home, via a client that runs on Linux and Windows operating systems,
  • it enables a remote restart of the server and reinstallation of the operating system from anywhere and at any time,
  • by hosting on servers, you will avoid the need to purchase and maintain your own hardware,
  • at your request, we can provide backup copies of the servers.
For the virtualisation platform, we use equipment from renowned manufacturers such as IBM Blade Centre, which is a reliable, capable and extensible server centre and as part of that we provide the leasing of servers

The high level of equipment and quality of the service is confirmed by the fact that we are hosting approximately 700 online presentations that are mainly commercial.

Are you interested? Call us and we will dedicate ourselves to your wishes and together we will find the most suitable solution for you! 

Success stories

  • We have been using Perftech.Largo for fifteen years. Years of development and support have brought us a user-tailored information system that is stable, effective and adjustable. 

    TKK Srpenica d.d., IT department
  • The Yolanda Hospitality solution helped save us enormous amounts of money and avoid construction work and disturbance of the guests, because we were able to implement the solution on the existing cable infrastructure.
    Hotel Slon, Gregor Jamnik, Managing Director
  • By implementing the Perftech.LARGO system, we have made a step forward towards easier operative work and easier reviewing of data. It provides us with additional development options and connections with other business solutions. 
    KOTO d.o.o., Luka Babnik

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