• Perftech.Largo a business solution for comprehensive company management
  • Bancor printers ideal solution for bank, post and other branch counters

  • Perftech.Hospitality a solution for pampering your guests
  • Decision Support Systems a set of solutions for the support of decision-making 
  • Perftech.ePlace
    A comprehensive solution for electronic intelligence, solutions and electronic storage of pay rolls and related documents
  • Own knowledge and solutions!
  • We go beyond borders!

One of the key words that always comes to mind during such introductions is pride. We are proud to present integral information systems and solutions that are the result of our own development and which place us side by side with global IT corporations.

Our greatest challenge is expanding throughout the world, where we are searching for new sales channels and potential markets. Because we have the ability and the knowledge and because we are capable of developing solutions comparable to the best in the world, we have decided to enter new markets. We proudly believe that our greatest advantages are a comprehensive IT solution, flexibility and a high level of technology. We quickly adapt to your specific requirements for simpler management of business operations and we understand your particularities.

Tilen Rebec, CEO