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IT Infrastructure Maintenance

The correct functioning of computers and the related equipment is essential for smooth operation of every company, and from experience it is evident that interruptible support and maintenance of hardware and software is needed. Besides the above, the development of the equipment is very fast and requires updating and protection.

Our experts perform warranty and non-warranty maintenance and servicing of computer equipment according to standards and conditions prescribed and recognised by the biggest names of computer and office equipment. For all equipment under warranty, we ensure repairs with original parts that are prescribed or provided by the manufacturer.

We provide the following types of servicing and maintenance services: 

  • technical assistance on standby - servicing personnel is available to the client 24 h/day every day of the year, for which the client pays a flat rate amount, 
  • technical assistance - servicing personnel is available to the client during working hours in an agreed upon time and outside the working hours according to an agreement; the client pays a flat rate amount, 
  • technical assistance via phone - the performed service is paid by the client according to the applicable price list, 
  • control and/or archiving service - servicing personnel periodically monitors the functioning of the network or the key equipment and makes sure that the equipment has the right software and software patches installed and also makes sure that the key processes are being carried out correctly, which is regularly checked.
 What are the advantages of concluding a maintenance contract?
  • faster response time, since contracts contain agreed upon response times and priority before phone call assistance, 
  • extension of the usefulness of computer equipment and smooth functioning of the equipment in all operating conditions, 
  • low-cost issue resolving before they occur, because maintenance contracts also include regular monthly preventive checks and control of the functioning of the equipment, 
  • entry of applications for intervention and monitoring of the progress online.

Do not hesitate and ensure uninterrupted functioning of your IT infrastructure!

Success stories

  • We have been using Perftech.Largo for fifteen years. Years of development and support have brought us a user-tailored information system that is stable, effective and adjustable. 

    TKK Srpenica d.d., IT department
  • The Yolanda Hospitality solution helped save us enormous amounts of money and avoid construction work and disturbance of the guests, because we were able to implement the solution on the existing cable infrastructure.
    Hotel Slon, Gregor Jamnik, Managing Director
  • By implementing the Perftech.LARGO system, we have made a step forward towards easier operative work and easier reviewing of data. It provides us with additional development options and connections with other business solutions. 
    KOTO d.o.o., Luka Babnik

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