• IT Services instilled with business and technical knowledge
  • Implementation and Construction of ERP systems in line with the buyer’s requirements
  • Consulting for Business Systems
    for their comprehensiveness and effectiveness
  • IT Infrastructure Maintenance
    ensures quality and responsiveness
  • Co-location
    provides hosting on our servers


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IT Services

So that the selected solutions truly come to life, we provide suitable quality IT solutions that ensure that the desired system is set up as soon as possible in order to start receiving the return on investment (ROI) and so that the new opportunities that the solution provides can be utilised.

The ERP system will be launched for you by a group of experts on implementing and building information systems who with their knowledge and based on your particularities will establish an effective support to your operations. In order to carry out this exacting project, it is necessary to take a project approach, employ an experienced project leader with a capable team and ensure cooperation with the management of the relevant business and production function. The team is also integrated into the subsequent optimisation of processes and application equipment. 

Our IT solutions also encompass the building of an information infrastructure and its maintenance, which includes a wide range of services, while concluding a maintenance contract brings additional advantages and benefits. We also provide server hosting on servers that are connected directly to the Perftech network infrastructure (co-location) that ensure a high level of security, equipment provided and responsiveness.  

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