• IT Solution combination of knowledge and technology
  • Perftech.Largo a business solution for comprehensive company management
  • Perftech.DSS a set of solutions for the support of decision-making
  • Perftech.Ciklon an infinitely vast drawer for documents
  • Perftech.Hopsitality a solution for pampering your guests


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IT Solutions

We are aware that the goal of companies is competitive advantage and at the same time achieving the greatest possible success in a demanding market, all of this facilitated by comprehensive and adaptable information support.

The Perftech family of business solutions supports all aspects of modern and effective business operations - from basic information infrastructure to decision-making at the highest level. Successful cooperation with world renowned partners, rich experience and own knowledge enable us to design comprehensive information solutions that ensure greater effectiveness to business processes. The solutions can function on their own but are more effective if they are interlinked.

Perftech.Largo is a comprehensive information system that we designed with the purpose of providing users of various levels with the desired information on their business operation quickly and at any time. By adapting ERP solutions to your requirements, with a professional relationship and responsiveness we ensure that IT solutions will contribute towards better and competitive business results for you. To support management, the system can be upgraded (also possible based on other sources or other business systems) with the Perftech.DSS solution, which presents Business Intelligence (BI) as an advanced business intelligence system and a decision-support system. It provides a set of data in a format that is understandable and quickly and consistently available (Dashboard), which makes it useful for managers at various levels. The optimisation of the system of records of input, output and internal documentation also represents a large contribution towards the successfulness of a company. For an appropriate support of document management, we are offering the Perftech.Ciklon document system. We are also aware that in this time of rapid technological developments, the demands of hotel guests, patients in health facilities, politicians on travels, etc. are also changing. The right solution is Perftech.Hospitality, which is a tool for managing hotel rooms, hospital beds and other accommodation facilities. The emphasis is on modern IPTV services that connect the external and internal surroundings of buildings with the purpose of pampering the guests at their every step.

Besides software solutions, we also provide computer and communication engineering solutions. A group of experts, who are available 24 hours every day of the year, supports modern information systems and ensures incredible capability, optimum utilisation and adaptability and effective control and management. A comprehensive server solution starts with design and the selection of appropriate hardware and system software and includes comprehensive server solutions for message systems, databases, thin client environments, solutions for achieving high availability as well as virtualisation of the server environment. Today, modern informatics cannot do without quality communication, appropriate equipment and optimally set infrastructure. We provide all the above with a team of experienced technical and sales experts.

Our team of experienced technical and sales experts will prepare and adapt the above mentioned solutions for you.

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