Key Business Areas

The company’s main activities are:

  • providing IT solutions,
  • development of application software,
  • planning information systems,
  • selling computer and communications equipment,
  • planning, integration and installation of local and wide area computer networks,
  • maintenance and servicing of hardware and software,
  • consulting in the development and renovation of information systems,
  • building decision-support systems and documentation systems,
  • building multimedia systems, conference systems and digital marketing systems.
Various IT solutions that arise from these activities are:
  • the business information system (ERP),
  • the decision-support system,
  • the document system,
  • the multimedia system,
  • server solutions,
  • communications equipment.

They are supported by consulting, training and maintenance services and complemented by the option of hosting on our servers. Our business activities are divided into two programmes:

Application Software (APO)

As part of the Application Software programme, we develop our own software for constructing integral company information systems, and in the last two years we have been intensively working with partners that specialise in individual lines of business and functional solutions.

System Integration and Equipment (SIO)

The System Integration and Equipment programme has the longest history in the company and provides clients with solutions in the field of computer and communications engineering. This means planning, implementation and maintenance of complex solutions in the field of informatics. Solutions are usually made of certain hardware and/or software and with the knowledge and experience of our engineers.

We have multimedia solutions within this programme. Perftech.Hospitality solution provides a wide range of multimedia services and information support for hotel guests, hospital patients, residents of homes for the elderly, visitors and employees in a library, travellers at a station, at a terminal, in a shopping centre. It also includes digital marketing and recording of events. The programme’s offer focuses on partners and end users; attaining goals, however, is oriented towards the global market via partnership networks.


Success stories

  • We have been using Perftech.Largo for fifteen years. Years of development and support have brought us a user-tailored information system that is stable, effective and adjustable. 

    TKK Srpenica d.d., IT department
  • The Yolanda Hospitality solution helped save us enormous amounts of money and avoid construction work and disturbance of the guests, because we were able to implement the solution on the existing cable infrastructure.
    Hotel Slon, Gregor Jamnik, Managing Director
  • By implementing the Perftech.LARGO system, we have made a step forward towards easier operative work and easier reviewing of data. It provides us with additional development options and connections with other business solutions. 
    KOTO d.o.o., Luka Babnik

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