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IT solution for providing the comfort of accommodation

has been developed based on our extensive knowledge of multimedia and multimedia systems. It combines various types of media (text, sound, picture, film, animation) and the latest technology into a modern solution that provides support to accommodation, residential and business buildings and institutions with the intent to pamper its users. These are hospitality IPTV services that a building has on offer. 

Would you like to offer your hotel guests the option to apply for trips from the armchair in their room?

Do you believe that the residents of a home for the elderly will be excited about the possibility to order movies directly from their room?

Would the readers in your library find it useful to be able to browse the shelves with the help of a tablet computer?

Perftech.Hospitality provides all these and more multimedia solutions to:

  • hotels,
  • hospitals,
  • campuses, 
  • clinics,
  • cruise ships,
  • business buildings,
  • residential homes, etc.

Modern infrastructure and various integrated components make it possible to implement several versions of the solution and several functions:

  • independent hospitality IPTV solution, 
  • digital markerting, 
  • TV via a COAX network and via telephone infrastructure (twisted pair cables), 
  • video streaming
  • displaying live events, 

Perftech.Hospitality is an excellent investment, especially if you include in the solutions an upgrade of your entire IT infrastructure. If you decide for the solution, we guarantee:

  • that you will obtain a turnkey solution with a reliable partner,
  • that we provide a complete know-how to the integration partners,
  • that the solution ensures a high level of services and comfort,
  • that you will notice an increase in employee productivity,
  • that extraordinary maintenance is not required,
  • that the solution is adaptable and expandable
  • and that it ensures direct as well as indirect financial benefits.

Have you found the right solution for you? Ensure a competitive advantage and call us

Our many years of experience at all levels of development and implementation and numerous successful products in Slovenia and abroad, where we acted as the integrator or cooperate with integration partners, make us the right choice for you. 

Success stories

  • We have been using Perftech.Largo for fifteen years. Years of development and support have brought us a user-tailored information system that is stable, effective and adjustable. 

    TKK Srpenica d.d., IT department
  • The Yolanda Hospitality solution helped save us enormous amounts of money and avoid construction work and disturbance of the guests, because we were able to implement the solution on the existing cable infrastructure.
    Hotel Slon, Gregor Jamnik, Managing Director
  • By implementing the Perftech.LARGO system, we have made a step forward towards easier operative work and easier reviewing of data. It provides us with additional development options and connections with other business solutions. 
    KOTO d.o.o., Luka Babnik

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