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A business solution for comprehensive company management

Perftech.Largo is a simple and technically up-to-date software for creating effective comprehensive business information systems that at any time can provide users with the desired information on a status within the company.
Solutions in the area of finance and accounting are adapted for foreign markets in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and partly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. User support, maintenance solutions and adapting existing legislation are provided in these countries also.

Why choose the Perftech.Largo IT solution?
  • it uses the latest technology that facilitates the development of information solutions,
  • provides the right information at the right moment in a understandable and user-friendly way,
  • enables improvements to the effectiveness of management, the analysts and thus the entire company,
  • supports faster performance of working procedures (input of one document from which others are generated),
  • ensures quality work of all services and departments in your company,
  • covers all key business functions and processes and enables their management,
  • is adaptable to your needs and particularities,
  • is an effective tool to users in foreign markets,
  • shortens the decision-making procedure and makes business decisions easier,
  • enables control, guidance of business operations and formation of business strategies,
  • increases the speed of response regarding market requirements,
  • has numerous good references, because it is used by more than 200 companies,
  • is the shortest way to success.

Call us and together we will develop solutions that fit your company best!

If you want additional detailed information, you can see the description of functionalities in the Perftech.Largo solution that ensure comprehensive company management.
  • finance and accounting,
  • human resources and salaries,
  • commercial activities,
  • client relationship management,
  • production management,
  • material management,
Perftech.Largo has been fully and effectively integrated into various companies that are active in the following lines of business:
  • a holding or a group (a large number of associated companies),
  • companies with own production,
  • distribution businesses (wholesale and retail),
  • service activities,
  • municipal utility services,
  • public institutions (also hospitals and pharmacies).

The division into lines of business is only symbolic. In practice, each company namely has a specific solution that we propose to the client based on a record of the situation and a prepared proposal or a plan for building an information system.

The business system is the result of our own development and experience and excels in:
  • the effectiveness and consistency of business processes,
  • business intelligence as an effective support for decision making,
  • openness, adaptability and expandability of the system that supports the company’s growth,
  • development of specific functions in various lines of business,
  • simplicity and up-to-dateness.
It also integrates with our other solutions, which increases their effectiveness:
  • Perftech.DSS (decision-support system, especially of note is also Perftech.MIS, which supports simple analysis of data from Perftech.Largo with OLAP cube),
  • Perftech.Ciklon (document system as a solution for managing documents).

Therefore, you can’t go wrong by choosing Perftech.Largo!


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Success stories

  • We have been using Perftech.Largo for fifteen years. Years of development and support have brought us a user-tailored information system that is stable, effective and adjustable. 

    TKK Srpenica d.d., IT department
  • The Yolanda Hospitality solution helped save us enormous amounts of money and avoid construction work and disturbance of the guests, because we were able to implement the solution on the existing cable infrastructure.
    Hotel Slon, Gregor Jamnik, Managing Director
  • By implementing the Perftech.LARGO system, we have made a step forward towards easier operative work and easier reviewing of data. It provides us with additional development options and connections with other business solutions. 
    KOTO d.o.o., Luka Babnik

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